Detox Programs – Good Idea For You?


To detox means to naturally help your body to eliminate the poisons that have accumulated through the intake of today’s food processing, as well as some of what we breathe in.

Chemicals run rampant in our foods today, causing our bodies to have to deal with things they weren’t designed to deal with. From the water we drink to the food we eat, contaminates inhabit and infiltrate our bodies.

After a certain amount of this ‘toxic intake’, we can experience things like weight gain, gas and bloating, constipation, fatigue, and digestive disorders. Also when we feel some of these we can experience irritability, due to not feeling well.

In order to detox your body, you may have to discipline yourself to give up things that you really love to eat and drink. To truly do a proper detox, things like smoking and drinking, drugs, caffeine, chocolate, and soda pop all need to come to a halt.

You should stay aware of what you breathe, like cleaning products, or any other chemicals that you may come in contact in the course of your day. It’s amazing the toxic waste that can be breathed into your body.

Eat whole grain products, along with fresh fruits and vegetables, and eliminate anything that’s processed. Be sure and increase the amount of water you drink for helping to ‘flush out’ the toxic poisons that are built up inside you.

Many people who are serious about a detox program, choose to go on a fast. By abstaining from food your body has the time to focus on cleaning itself without accumulating further toxic waste while it works.

The amount of time to fast differs from person to person. Some fast a couple of days a week over a period of time. Some do a three-day water-only fast and some do a week of one meal per day. It varies with each individual, and requires that you do some research and decide what you think will work best with your particular situation.

When choosing a detox program, you have many options. You can choose to do work on your colon, or do some vitamin therapy, or do the total fast as mentioned above. There are many programs available to assist you in your efforts, and there’s definitely a detox plan that will fit you.

Keep an eye on programs that require a decrease of your protein intake, because this can cause muscle damage. It’s always a good idea to consult with a physician before undertaking a detox program of any kind.