Design Prototyping Uk

.tags Design is a matter of balance between weight and strength, cost and quality, speed and accuracy. Prototyping is an important part of the designing process and presents the designer with multiple choices.

In plastic product design, technology has provided various prototyping options.

Rapid prototyping (RP) involves stereolithography, selective laser sintering, fused deposition modeling, laminated object manufacturing, and three dimensional printing. These processes build parts, one-by-one, from 3D-CAD models, joining layers of material to create the finished prototype.

Rapid tooling (RT) uses rapid prototyping to create the initial part and then creates, from that part, a mold in which additional parts can be made.

Another prototyping option is rapid injection molding (RIM), which works directly from a 3D-CAD model, using CNC mechanism to crush aluminum molds in which true injection-molded parts can be made. Finally, there is conventional injection molding, which is used primarily for production, but can also be used to create prototypes.

Design Prototyping UK is now a specialized sector that seamlessly works to provide the latest and most advanced technologies for best plastic products to the firms in United Kingdom.

A Product Design Consultancy works to develop functional, mechanical and ergonomic model for any new product design project. In choosing plastic prototyping methods, they provide you with best option, keeping in mind both technical and business constraints. There are various design consultancies for plastic product industrial design UK. They provide you with all prototyping options:

* If shape and fit are your basic requirements, rapid prototyping and rapid tooling options will work for you
* If you need parts for any functional testing, injection molding is a better method than rapid prototyping
* If your requirement for number of parts is less than 10, rapid prototyping would be an economical option. If however number of parts required ranges between 10 to 100, then rapid tooling or rapid injection molding may be better choice. Indeed rapid injection molding is the best choice if more than 100 parts are required

For businesses in UK that have innovative product ideas but just lack technical know how or have limited experience in R&D, the best option is to choose a product design consultancy. Being specialists in the field of Design Prototyping UK, they give you the required support for complete designing of all components including advanced assembly machines and special purpose equipment.

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