Desert safari ?fuses fun and adventure in the desert of Dubai


Desert safari is a popular leisure activity in Dubai that blends adventure, fun and scenic beauty of the golden sand dunes. A trip to the desert is a perfect stress buster as one can experience the thrill of a roller-coaster ride down the high dunes and can bask in the beauty of the desert.

After checking various desert safari tours in Dubai, I decided to go for an overnight desert safari, as the prospective of gazing at the starlight sky in the backdrop of the Arabian Desert appeared so romantic.

My spouse made the booking for the overnight desert safari, we had lighter meal in order to prepare ourselves for the trip and boarded the 4×4 vehicle in enthusiasm all set to explore the secret charm of the desert.

When we reached the camp after the exhilarating dune bash, we were received with fresh Turkish coffee and dates. The camp was thriving with activity, observing the camel in the dim light of desert was magical, I stroke the camel’s forehead affectionately and its eyes welled up, I felt an affinity with the ship of the desert and got myself photographed with the camel. My spouse mounted the camel and enjoyed the ride along the desert.

We tried sheesha smoking, the apple flavor puff left a nice smell and taste, the smoking experience was good I felt cosy as the temperature in the desert came down dramatically giving out chilly wind across the place.

We donned the traditional Arabic dresses and had fun getting it captured on frame.

We sat on the Bedouin divans and had BBQ Dinner chatting and laughing and enjoying the fast paced belly dance performance, the melodies in the air, chilly breeze, bonfire and the glitz and chatter of the people made the camp so alluring to us.

We headed to our camps to stay overnight, looking at the vast desert amazed at its overpowering silence and charm, my eyes were glued to the sky, watching the innumerous stars and wondering at the natures marvel. We woke up refreshed and recharged in the misty desert, we had breakfast at the camp before we are dropped back home.