Dentists and Orthodontists Use Email Marketing Software


Many dentists and orthodontists are using email marketing software to stay in contact with their clients throughout the year, increasing their return visits as well as gathering new clients along the way. With this amazing marketing tool, the dental industry is able to see vast increases in the amount of customers coming through their doors without costly advertising in radio, print or newspapers. Email marketing software allows dentists and orthodontists to give their customers the personal touch they desire while freeing up their staff to work with the clients in the office.

Regular dental visits occur about once every six months. Orthodontists often see their clients even more frequently. This requires hours of valuable staff time, reminding clients of scheduled appointments or trying to make new appointments. With email marketing software, clients get automatic personalized reminders for scheduled appointments or recommendations to come back into the office for another visit. This allows your staff to focus on the clients in the office and not be stuck by the computer or phone.

Email marketing software also allows you to easily produce effective newsletters with minimal staff time. Pre-existing templates are effortlessly customized to highlight a specific industry. Dentists and orthodontists can use email newsletters to highlight different dental diseases that can be remedied by regular dental visits. In addition, information on new procedures and informative advice can be included, which will make the email newsletters even more interesting to clients.

Email blasts can be sent out to current client lists as well as to new opt-in lists so you can reach additional target markets in the local area. These email announcements can offer discounts on services or specials for families. An added benefit is that each email can be forwarded on to friends with the click of a mouse, exponentially increasing your reach without increasing your budget.

Email marketing software allows dentists and orthodontists to remind clients of appointments, highlight services and specials, and give out important information to both current and prospective clients. With email marketing software, your database will steadily increase, bringing in more clients on a regular basis.