Delta Plc Automatic Constant Pressure Water Supply System Inverter Control


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Conventional water supply systems using water Pump Constant speed control, by changing the method of adjusting the size of the valve flow and pressure to achieve the water pressure constant. In this way the following problems in the operation.

(1) manual adjustment lag exists, the system stability is poor, low degree of automation, making overflow drainage pipes often a waste of resources;

(2) pump running at constant speed, not only cause a waste of energy, and because the pump long-term high-speed operation, easy to bearing damage and affect the service life of pumps and standby pumps the phenomenon occurred because of rust;

(3) Every summer peak water pressure can not be guaranteed, when there is a sudden power failure, water shortage due to the inconvenience production;

Order to provide constant pressure water supply, so the beverage company to renovate the water supply system is very important. Programmable logic controller (hereinafter referred to PLC ) Is a specialized application in the industrial environment, the number of operations designed to operate Electronic Device. Has the versatility, reliability, installation flexibility and easy expansion, cost-effective high number of advantages, but its growing bus and network capacity can be easily formed with the host computer control system to achieve the system cost-effective and efficient operation.

This paper, the company’s PLC and Delta Inverter Products developed an automatic control system for constant pressure water supply, which can effectively reduce the work load, increase the degree optimal operation of water supply systems, enhanced anti-jamming and to avoid losses of aging hardware.

Introduction To improve the production environment, a large beverage companies to invest in clean water projects and technical transformation into a Nissan water for 5 million tons of water supply systems were built pumps systems, high pressure pump systems and pool. According to the company demand for water features, from water pumps part of the system over the direct supply of process water sector, part of the must undergo high pressure pumping to the pool, and water supply sectors of production and supply of high pressure water pressure difference of a larger pool . Pool pump from pumping the same time high reached more than 10 km distant, high pool of liquid level and pressure pump system design and how pumps system “interaction” is more difficult to solve.

View of the above characteristics, reliable and economical and practical from a technical point of view taken into account, we designed inverter control with PLC control combined with automatic constant pressure control water supply system, while passing through the main water line pressure increases than the economy achieved pressure pump system and pumps system “remote interaction” of the control purposes.

System solutions System control to Delta’s DVP-EH type DVP64EH00RPLC as the technology platform, DOP-A57CST touch screen interface, VFD110B43A inverter components as the implementation. Touch screen through COM2 port connected with DVPEHPLC of COM mouth, using MODBUS protocol. PLC through the RS485 port to control inverter (to facilitate expansion), support MODBUS protocol. Schneider also includes a soft starter, Motor Protection, data acquisition and its auxiliary equipment components (see Figure 1).

The pumps deep well pump motor system has four sets of 150KW, 90KW two deep-well pump motors, inverter cycle work by six motors in the conversion mode can be set to work. With a 150KW and a 90KW and 90KW 150KW Soft Start Motor. When the inverter working in 50HZ, pipeline pressures remain below the lower limit set by the system, soft Starter Would automatically start a frequency motor into operation, when the pressure reaches the high limit, automatically turning off electrical power frequency operation.

System for each motor with motor protection devices, because electrical power is larger, in overload, undervoltage, overvoltage, over current, phase sequence imbalance, phase, the motor idling and other situations to ensure good electrical conditions of use, prolonging motor life purpose.