Delhi Nightlife – It’s Worth to Visit


When the sun goes down in Delhi, it is time to go out and enjoy everything that this exciting destination has on offer. Whether your preference is for relaxing in a quiet wine-bar, or letting your hair down and dancing the night away in a nightclub. Nightlife means fun and entertainment at night: dance clubs, bars, parties, festivals, shows, restaurants, live music bands and all that. The idea is to go out and have good old-fashioned fun.

As well known, Delhi has a long way to go to compete with Mumbai as the capital of Indian nightlife. In Delhi, it is notoriously difficult to obtain an alcohol license and many of the swishiest watering holes and nightclubs are in the five-star international hotels – with prices to match.

Apart from hotels, the watering holes of Delhi are concentrated around Connaught Place, with various outposts in the more prosperous southern suburbs. Wine in Delhi is very expensive and frequently of indifferent quality – those who wish to drink would be well advised to stick to beer, spirits or cocktails. You can take any day Flight Tickets to Delhi for visiting to Delhi, India.

New Delhi is fast growing to cater to all the needs of the tourist who visit the Indian capital from all parts of the world. So enjoy the nightlife in New Delhi that is replete with its own charm.

Equipped with all major amenities that you require in the bars and the pubs of New Delhi, they are the perfect place to soar your exotic spirits. Just take a glass of drink, brush aside all your tensions and rock your body to the music played by the DJ’s.

Many a times there are live performances of the bands. If you do not wish to dance, than simply take a glass of your favorite drink and watch the crowd are they engross in complete fun and festivity.

Although clubs and bars are multiplying in Delhi, you still have to look hard for them. Whenever you feel enjoying like dancing, the best option probably is to go one of the big hotels that probably have a private club and bar. It is quite likely that you end up watching a Hindi film or traditional dance performance, finished off with a beer or lassi and an early night of sleep.