Delhi Commonwealth Games and Transportation


The transportation sector of a country, especially the city, where an international game is scheduled to be hosted, holds immense emphasis. Roads and other infrastructure like flyovers, lanes, pavements, traffic signals, airports etc. do matter.

A four-lane, 2.2 km underground stretch from Lodhi Road to trans-Yamuna, linking the Games Village to the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium has been proposed for the same, as per a Delhi Commonwealth Games report. Around six minutes of traveling time between the village and the Stadium will be reduced.

No wonder, Delhi has turned out to be more beautiful, greener, and cleaner with the
Delhi Games approaching round the corner. Construction of road over-bridges, under-bridges along railway lines has been on a fast track including expansion of road infrastructure. If you have visited Delhi a year ago and if you visit the capital city now you will find a completely changed Delhi with a number of flyovers, cloverleaf flyovers, and bridges being constructed linking jammed roads for a jam-free milieu on road.

With road-widening projects nearing completion, you won’t find a traffic mess being often witnessed during peak hours thus reducing commuting time to a great extent. You may witness both the inner and outer Ring roads signal free during the Delhi Commonwealth Games period. Commonwealth latest news are all filled with stories related to slow pace of the work, thus creating a panicky situation with the rains adding fuel to the fire. The Commonwealth latest news also delves on the positive traits, highlighting the corruption factor as well.

Another significant road infrastructure development related to commonwealth Games news is the High Capacity Bus Systems project that constitutes nine corridors; commitment to mass transport is the objective behind the project. One of the corridors starts from Ambedkar Nagar to Red Fort. As per the Commonwealth latest news, the Delhi Metro expansion will facilitate accommodation of more people.

One such Delhi Metro project covering420 km encompassing Noida and Gurgaon area will happen to be one of the world’s longest networks. And ahead of the Delhi Games, Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport is already operational.