Defoe Challenge Rivals : Tottenham Can Be Further Than Arsenal In The Champions League Further

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Tottenham will today know their Champions League opponents, who claimed that the main striker Jermain Defoe , Tottenham in the Champions League to go further than the North London rivals Arsenal .

Champions League third qualifying round draw will be conducted today , Tottenham could have been in this qualifying round rivals such as Ajax and Zenit . While the Spurs are not too good in the Champions League history achievements, but Jermain Defoe believes Tottenham ‘s performance in the Champions League to surpass North London rivals Arsenal.

But beyond the Spurs to Arsenal in the Champions League is definitely not an easy task , because , like Real Madrid, Arsenal now has 10 consecutive break into the Champions League knockout stages of creating a record , however, that Defoe , Redknapp in North London Team have the ability to become a protagonist of the Champions League .

“If we pass the qualifying round, then I really think we can in the Champions League Arsenal went fairly far. This is not a lack of respect for Arsenal in the Champions League because they have a good record , for them, the Champions League Season Has become a fixed content, which is a very normal thing . “

“But I can not wait to feel the night of the Champions League at White Hart Lane , there certainly will become very lively. I really believe if we can take the first step , then we will become a strong competitor. We have a very strong Lineup , with young players such as Bell emerge . “

” Redknapp is the Premier League last season, the best England manager , he had no reason not to succeed in the Champions League . He is a special coach , over the years made many attempts , but all failed, he After the first season at Tottenham , and I know he will bring the team to break into the Champions League . “

“But we also want to achieve good results in the Premiership , as we saw last year , as a good start to lead you to go further. 3 months ago, we even went to fight for fourth place Manchester City and now we will welcome To the season ‘s first round . who do not know the final outcome of how important this match , but Manchester City into the Champions League is our main competitor , which makes the first week we ushered in the critical game. “

The new Premier League season , Spurs first round home game against Manchester City at White Hart Lane , Tottenham is beat Manchester City last season, only finished fourth success in the Champions League , so the first round of the Champions League on the face of this into the main Competitors, the effect can not afford to Tottenham and Manchester City this summer introduced a large number of top players , the game , Spurs will be hard-fought encounter .