Deep Breath Driving


There was a phrase developed about thirty years ago that labels most drivers at one time or another during their career on the roads.  A driver suffering from road rage can be seen performing obscene gestures and actions, riding recklessly due to emotions caused by other drivers, and making threats.  Road rage can be a large factor in the event of an auto accident.  The actions a driver takes that can be labeled under road rage can lead to another driver, acting in an otherwise safe manner, to become reckless as well in response to the actions of the former party.  This can ultimately set off a chain reaction of reckless and dangerous driving by several of the people on the road.

The court may look at road rage as a danger to the safety of the public and other drivers, and as such, put forth a harsher penalty for the accident that was caused due to the anger of the driver.  It can bring forth more penalties on a driver than the simple action of an accident.  It is counterproductive to the safety of driving conditions we all want while traveling on the roads.  There is no reason to lose one’s temper while traveling.  It is always better to relax and deal with the situations that arise because it is better to arrive later than expected than to never arrive at our final destination.  It would again be counterproductive because, while we were in a rush to get somewhere on time, we have now caused an even greater delay in our arrival due to the auto accident that may have been caused and the entire process that follows after the accident.

For those with a great deal of road rage and those who may have to suffer with such persons, it may be a good idea to have a lawyer in mind in case of an auto accident.  There are a lot of people on the road, and every one suffers from road rage at least once in a while.  It is a fact of life that humans are involved in accidents, and road rage only increases that involvement.


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