Deciding On Your First Niche Market


The internet, over the years, has become a mega-library of resources. The need for encyclopedias, dictionaries, telephone directories and even maps, has been eliminated due to the wealth of information that the World Wide Web provides. Now, you’re able to research a topic, locate a person or business that can help you with the research, and drive to their location if necessary. This makes earning money as an Affiliate Marketer a cinch. Just find your first niche.

So, how do you define niche marketing?

A niche market is your specific group of buyers. Your targeted group should not include the general population of surfers… just those who are looking for your product or service. When you engage in niche marketing, your advertising campaign is intended for those buyers. It’s designed to attract them.

It sounds a bit weird to choose to market one to a limited amount of people, but in truth, it’s nearly impossible to create a campaign that will appeal to every single person. You will be disappointed with the results. That’s why niche marketing works so well.

There are, literally, billions of products you can market over the internet. Whatever you choose to sell, you should ask 3 very important questions before you venture out into the world of niche marketing:

Do you know is who will be buying your product or service?Ask yourself if your product appeals to a younger, older, or combined generation. Determine if your product will appeal to males more than females or the alternate. When you’re comfortable with your decisions, it’s now time to start writing your site content that will target that type of an audience.

Be certain to use the right language for the right audience. You should not use street-terms or off-color jokes to target an older audience. Nor should you make reference to vintage television when targeting teens.

The language you choose to use should not seem foreign, or else, you’ll fall flat when trying to define the benefits your product or service may offer.

Benefits? What benefits?When demonstrating benefits to potential clients and buyers, there are three general approaches that you can take. The first is the proven history approach and the second is the quality product approach. The third approach is a bit milder using special occasions or holidays as your aim. Keep in mind that the three approaches can be combined to make a powerful profit-pulling campaign for any product. Every single product ever made has benefits that will appeal to someone in your target group.

The key is to study the product, know the benefits inside and out, and become a user of the product or service. Once you experience the benefits, you can begin telling your clients all the wonderful things about your experience. Become a believer and make believers of others.

Now that you’ve used the product, do you know enough to write about it?If so, how often? The ultimate question looms. Let’s face it… if you have a sincere, deep appreciation for the product your promoting, you’ll know exactly what to say about it. If you’re passionate about the Company, and you love their products, then you should be able to write a new article about the benefits of using their products just about every few weeks. Your passion should drive you to make sales.

If you choose to promote a product or service simply because the affiliate program pays well, and getting the commission is your only desire, I strongly suggest that you reconsider. You may end up with a lot of disappointment in the very end.