Dated 20.02.09 Thoughts For Today


Dated 20.02.09  Thoughts for today.


(1) We can complete the works through our children which we could not complte during our own life time.

(2) Only those people should join the teaching line who know something and they have a desire to transmit that knowledge to others.

(3) Democracy  means something more than the present set up because the people elect people who are not nominees of the people but nominees of the political parties which are not committed to work for the people.

(4) Woman shall have to work and take her share because this man is not willing to give her equality in his day to day life.

(5) War is equal to terrorism and riots because in wars innocent people are killed which are not willing partners.

(6) Hindustan was partitioned in 1947 in which about 8,00,000people were killed and about 11,00,00,000 people were forced to migrate to unknown places and because of curses of these killed and migrated, these two countries could not flourish as the leaders calculated then.

(7) There are possibilities that this world shall be occupied by some big powers and they shall establish their own type of imperialism in the world once again.

(8) If in democracies we want that competent people must be in the houses, we shall have to adopt shadow cabinet system and all these shadow cabinets be placed before the people before elections.

(9) Only those people can maintain good health who take food prepared in their own kitchens and by their own women.

(10)  The parents who are not in a position to give education, training and employment to their children, they have got no right to produce children and increase crowd on this earth.

(11)  The ma who does not earn his own living with his own efforts is a beggar and is dependant upon others.

(12)  The people from backward countries are found acting better when they are in developed countries, but when they go back they to back to their own countries they start with their own unclean habits.

(13)  If we are not getting guidance from religious books, mere recitation shall not give us any benefits.

(14)  Lifestyle, language, eating habits and method of meeting tell us to which religious the man belongs.

(15)  If you want that your child should become great man, you should prepare the child from the beginning.