Data Network Affiliates Review


Data Network Affiliates is a relatively new network marketing venture that was launched earlier this year. It was founded by Dean Blechman who has recently left the company. This is a unique concept in the MLM industry. Let’s take a look at this new concept in earning income from home.

Data Network Affiliates does not offer products for their members to sell or promote, but asks them to gather critical public information. In turn DNA sells this info to state, local and national government entities. The idea is to have their members tag cars. This means, that while you are out at the mall, beach, park or any where for that matter, you take down license plate numbers and the states they are from. You then send it, via the internet to DNA. This information is very helpful in finding missing children, felons and anyone the government is looking for. DNA in turns sells the info to the government agencies.

To become a member of DNA all you have to do is sign up on their website. There is no cost to join but you can still earn income. To do so, all you need to do is recruit other like minded folks to join and tag cars. There is a 50% commission paid on each car tag that leads to a reward. The compensation structure is binary in nature. You will get paid 5 levels deep if you can get your down line to tag 20 cars per month. Seems simple enough.

Data Network Affiliates is a legitimate home based business. With no cost to join there is no risk. If you want to earn significant income you will need the ability to recruit a large number of new recruits each month. If you can master a few of the proven internet marketing methods you may be able to make a good income. This is not a get rich quick opportunity. It will take some work just like anything else


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