Darjeeling Holiday Packages: Impeccable Sights, Smells and Sounds


To escape the monotony and work-pressure of the city world, a horde of travelers pick Darjeeling holiday packages each year.  The hilly retreat of Darjeeling is located in the state of West Bengal. Its fabulous tourist attractions are rich with nature’s gaiety and its British age architecture makes it ideal place for a holiday.  As you enter the premises the smell of fresh tea leaves will welcome you and the spectacular vistas of lush valleys will appear most serene from Darjeeling’s famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  On your holiday packages to Darjeeling also explore several significant Buddhist monasteries for a closer look of the cultural establishment of the town. 

While the domestic travelers love to visit the city to spend a quiet holiday in the caresses of Mother Nature, the foreign travelers are also attracted by the region’s cultural vivacity. Also, all kind of travelers are fond of Darjeeling tours for it allows them to set on some of the most spectacular and challenging treks on Lesser Himalayan Ranges. Your tour to the region is incomplete without a visit to its local bazaar that displays the region’s exquisite handicrafts and other art forms. When travelling the town, some of the must see sights and destinations are:

Women Picking Fresh Leaves at Tea-estates: Darjeeling Tea has brought glory to the city for the tea has been branded as a prized tea form which is loved for its unique flavor and sweet smell. The sight of valleys lush with green tea leaves is itself most enchanting, but what makes it even more lovable is the sight of local women plucking fresh leaves with precision.  Also, a visit to tea estates will give you an opportunity to experience the entire process of tea cultivation, production and manufacturing.

Riding the UNESCO Applauded Toy Train:  The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is nicknamed as Toy Train which runs from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling.  Applauded by UNESCO the toy train takes you on a whirlwind ride across mesmerizing panorama. The scenic beauty of the region is best explored via this toy train journey in Darjeeling and thus is a must for all those picking Darjeeling holiday packages for their holidays.

Visit to Ghoom Monastery:  Situated at an elevation of 8000 feet, Ghoom Monastery is renowned for its 15 feet high idol of Maitreya Buddha.  The monastery containing images of Buddha’s disciples, Chongapa and Chenrezi is a great place to learn ways of Buddhism. Built in 1875 it is one of the largest monasteries in Ghum; here the sounds of rolling bells and sights of lamas clad in red robes are easy to be seen and the surrounding peace and serenity makes the place worth a watch. 

These Darjeeling holiday packages brings not just panoramic views, but also peace, serenity and cultural extravaganza to one’s travel kitty. A tour to this north-eastern beauty of India will leave you spell-bound at its lush jungles housing endangered wilds, its ancient temples and monasteries preserving its culture and its vivid natural splendor hiding treasures ready to be explored and adored.