Dallas City

.tags Not only be the third largest city in Texas and the eighth largest city in the United States, Dallas also is a center of economics in America as the city is a base of banking, commerce, telecommunications, computer technology, energy, and transportation. About 500 companies who set their bases in this city.


Dallas is centrally located and within a four hour flying distance from most major North American cities. The Dallas hotels play a very large part in the kind of traffic the city attracts for business and entertainment. It is serviced by two major airports but accessible from all the North American cities by roads.


The Dallas art scene is also thriving in the arts scene, boasting of top museums, performance halls and award-winning architectural designs, arts and culture. The festivals, exhibitions, shows and performances featured in the city throughout the year are a reason for all the Dallas hotels in the city to have flourishing business. New York Magazine ranked the Dallas area as the number one city worldwide for art lovers.


Dallas is bold, and stylish, yet has that southern grace which one expects from the southern cities. Even the Dallas hotels range between the elegant and stately, ultra chic, stylish and contemporary statements also making their presence felt. There are budget Dallas hotels too, and booking for all these different types of hotels is available online with detailed descriptions being provided for every kind of property.


Dallas has more restaurants per capita than New York City. It is a food lovers’ paradise, truly, with international cuisine being routinely offered in the best restaurants. There is a variety of nightlife too on the streets and in the posh bars and hotels. There are clubs for the style mavericks and karaoke type bars for music lovers. The other attractions like the Dallas Art Museum, or the Dallas Aquarium and Zoo can mean fun for all ages. The Meadows Museum, the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas, the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealeys, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the City Arts Festival, the Dallas Holocaust Museum, the walking tour and the Public Art Walk Dallas complete the experience of Dallas for art lovers and experience seekers.


Dallas is diverse enough to satisfy any traveler or tourist. But whenever one thinks of Texas the only images that come to mind are the historical and literary ones of cowboys and horse rodeos, men in gallon hats and dusty streets. The gallon hats and dusty streets are probably now seen only in Museums or in books, or curiosity stores, but the experience of Texas is kept alive through Rodeos enacted in special performances.


For a taste of the original flavors of Texas, the Mesquite Championship Rodeo offers hearty Texan food and an experience of authentic Texan cowboys. Beyond all this is the experience of a thriving and growing business city which is continuously redefining itself in all areas of excellence-art, food, culture, nightlife and tourist attractions. And in keeping with the varied flow of people, different kinds of hotels are coming up to deal with all the different needs.