Cyber Bullying Virus

Cyber Bullying Virus

The Original Cyber Bullying Virus revamped with new Music.
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This is a PSA Web Video produced through STRUTT Central’s social awareness component in their programs for girls and created by 3d Art Fx. This video is a serious example of the virus Cyber Bullying and it’s disease like effects. It illustrates how fast the virus spreads and infects others and can ruin the lives of it’s victims, in this case Jane Doe. The cure for the virus is found in those who stand up against it. We chose the national Anti Bullying colour PINK to be the symbolic antidote that stopped the bullying from spreading. This video was created to support PINK SHIRT DAY and spread awareness on Cyber Bullying! Please Follow Pink Shirt Day on Facebook and Twitter

This video featured girls who had only taken two acting classes with STRUTT Central. All of the girls did a phenomenal job. The idea to do a video to support Pink Shirt Day was suggested by two girls in the program Kaitlyn and Lacey who also acted in the video. We filmed the video in only 7 hours and had the expertise of talented Animator Daniel Fraser owner of 3D Art FX and Cinematographers Paul Taylor & Carlo Raponi. Acting was taught by Drama Instructor Brittiny Stephenson. Directed by Christina Abbott Co Owner of STRUTT Central. This project was produced and funded by STRUTT Central Voice over was provided by the talent Singer Sarah Loucks
Photography by Jamo Best
Filmed at Adam Scott Collegiate in Peterborough and Strutt Central

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