Cut That Sales Cycle and Close the Deal


Selling something? It doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you sell. It doesn’t matter what kind of salesperson you are. If you’re selling something, a sale will depend on the ability of the customer to actually afford that purchase. The most difficult part of a sales cycle is convincing a customer that he can afford it. This is also what extends the cycle because the customer will need to go over contracts, see what can be changed and what part of the contract works and what doesn’t. If you are using esignature software, the process of sending documents between you and you client can be easier.

Closing sales cycles is not really that difficult. If you are having a hard time closing deals, you may not be taking the process seriously enough. It is possible that you talk too much or intimidate the client. Remember that to close a deal, you need to stop handling your clients as if they were made of glass. Closing the deal means that you provide the best price and payment terms for the client and give him the necessary tools to make it easier for him to ask questions and send documents. You can use esign software to ensure that the changes that you make in the contract are agreeable to both parties.

Now that it’s established that the only thing that can close a deal is cost and value, remember to keep financing documents and contracts ready. Know the tricks of financing and how you can get the most out of a loan. You can even use e-sign software to make sure that your documents are protected and legally binding.

Remember, not all purchases will be made in cash, especially big ticket items like vehicles, homes or large equipment. Instead of waiting for the customer to decide on whether he should get a loan from his bank or from his office, send him a credit application form over email and explain to him how financing works in your institution. You can also advise him that he can sign the document using the same esignature software that you use to ensure that the document is safe, legally binding and will not be altered after it is signed. This drives your client to decide quicker.

Using esign software also allows documents to be approved quicker. One reason why a deal fails is because clients take a long time to sign the contract. With electronic signature software, you can ask the client to affix his signature while he’s in the office or while he’s stuck in traffic. This eliminates the need to schedule a date for contract signing.

Besides having e-sign software to streamline your sales process, you need to have a personality that matches the products you sell. While it is important to be upfront and aggressive in your sales technique, a little conversation about things that your client loves to talk about won’t hurt. Talk about things like that in between sales phases to make sure you shorten the sales cycle. Make sure that you relate the products you sell to the things that you are saying to the customer. You are in the business to close deals, not to be someone’s family friend or poker buddy.

Shortening your sales cycle will all boil down to one thing: price and convenience. You need to find the best price for your customer and make sure that he signs the documents as soon as he makes up his mind. You can do this by using esignature software.

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