Cultural Town Of Cordoba In Spain

.tags Once an important capital in the whole of Europe in the 11th century, Cordoba is still as surprising and impressive as it was years ago. This town has a mix of cultures: Christians, Muslims and Jews used to live peacefully here. It was home to different philosophers, artists, and scientists making it of great importance.

The famous Moorish mosque Mesquita happens to be one of the most interesting aspects you will find during your visit. This mosque has gained world fame and people come from all the corners of the world to see it. It also has a museum that is very interesting. Cordoba is also famous because of the bullfighting and Flamenco Andalusia traditions. This makes it a very hot tourist destination on Spains Southern side.

What to see in Cordoba

When in this town, you cannot afford to miss taking a look at the great Mosque and Cathedral found here. This monument occupies a large portion of land and happened to be the worlds third biggest. This beautiful monument is Spains most beautiful original building.

The Archiepiscopal Palais preserves the Gothic epoch and holds the great historical value of the Taifas. The Roman Bridge Puente Romano has a monument that completes its beauty. This monument, San Rafael, is situated at the bridges centre.

Cordoba has an Archaeological Museum inside a Renaissance palace that is a must to visit. It has treasures of Roman and Arabic origin that are really amazing. There is also a Museum of Arts in this town which contains a sculpture and painting collection. Art lovers will be mesmerized by the works exhibited here.

Another museum worth visiting is the Museum of Julio Romero de Torres. This particular museum is a dedication to Julio the painter who did the famous picture, Woman from Cordoba. The Palace of Viana museum has porcelains, tapestries, ceramics, paintings and furniture that are quite extraordinary. This museum also has beautiful gardens completing its wondrous look.

Plaza de las Tendillas and Plaza de la Corredera, which are famous for the guitar sounding clock and bullfights respectively, are worth checking out to add spice to your tour. Cordoba is also home to Roman ruins that are of great historical value. These include Torre de la Malmuerta Tower and a Roman Temple.

The above are some of the things that attract tourists to this region and are worth visiting even by first timers. Apart from enjoying your time here, you will also learn a lot about Spains history.