Crusca Academy Library of Florence




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The Library of Accademia della Crusca in Florence, is the largest library of Italian language and history of Italian. The first documented the library of  the Academy of Crusca, which has now established in the fifteenth century Medici Villa di Castello, dates from the late seventeenth century, but every book  since then accumulated passed in 1783 to Magliabechiana Library (Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze). The first explicit reference to the library of the Crusca is dated back on August 3, 1813, contained in the new Rules of the Academy. In March 1943, the manuscripts, incunabula and rare books were prepared for dispatch to Bibliographic Superintendence of Tuscany, in order to protect them from possible air raids. After the war, the increase in collections was quite slow. When the Academy in 1954 he resumed the task of compiling the dictionary, the library received necessarily new impetus.  Currently the Library contains about 147 manuscripts, 41 incunabula, 122,000 volumes, 780 periodicals. The library holdings also includes a unique 
collection that adorns the walls of the central hall of the Library: Il Fondo dei Citati, ie 1729 works that they cited in the five editions of the Academic Vocabulary in other words, the texts considered by academics of Crusca “constituent” of the Italian language. The strong asset growth should come about mainly due to important private libraries donated by distinguished scholars. In 1964 came the gift of Peter Pancrazi Fund, including more than 8,000 volumes that belonged to the famous Tuscan critic and novelist. In 1975 came the Fund Francesco Pagliai, consisting of several hundred volumes and pamphlets relating almost exclusively to Ugo Foscolo. The following year, was to enrich the collections Fund Bruno Migliorini, consisting of approximately 10,000 books and statements constitute the working tool of the great critic and linguist.

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