Cruising the Backwaters on Splendid South India Tours


South India – a triangular formation which ensconces four states within it. Surrounded by water on three sides, South India is home to some of the most breathtaking views of nature. Palms sway merrily in rhythm to the moving winds, lakes glisten in the sun as they moisten the parched land, and the green fields give out the most appealing fragrance of moist mud. Apart from these natural views, South India Tours gain character with colossal temples, ancient architecture and rich tradition of arts. Music and dance are integral to South India, which nurtures and promotes them devotedly.
South India tours include many emotions and moments which draw inspiration from the varied elements that South India possesses. However, the single, most attractive crowd puller in all of South India has been the Kerala Houseboat Tour. This is a staple feature of all South India Tours. So magnificent is this experience, that Houseboat Tours are complete holidays in themselves.
Houseboat Tours can be experienced in the southern state of Kerala. A typical houseboat tour starts at one of the main cities, which could include the capital city of Trivandrum, or even Cochin. After a brief tour of the city, you are escorted to the nearest houseboat on the shores. Once in your houseboat, your holiday amid nature has begun. It can be as long as you would like it to, as houseboat tours can even last for over a week. The duration of your tour will determine the coverage of the backwaters. Backwater Tours are best experienced in an unhurried pace so as to allow all the sights and sounds to soak in completely.
Houseboats in Kerala are of different types. While the traditional houseboats were made with logs of wood which were hep together, today’s houseboats are more lavish, and include all amenities that are needed for a comfortable stay. Houseboats have bedrooms, which may or may not be air conditioned; there is normally a small sit out for you to relax with your morning cup of tea, and a pantry which allows cooking. Houseboats come with a handy man, who takes responsibility for getting you around the backwaters, providing your meals and ensuring the upkeep of the houseboat. The more lavish houseboats today are more like mini liners, which are more stylish and luxurious. With bars, dining areas and even recreational facilities, these can really take up the style quotient many notches.
When on a houseboat tour, there are several towns you will pass, and each of these offers you a new insight into the diversity of Kerala. The main cities covered in a houseboat tour include Kochi, Kollam, Kottayam and Alappuzha. These are distinct and very different from one another. As you sail through the backwaters, you will glide through several lakes, including Vembanad, which is the largest of them all. There are several awe inspiring sights you will pass on a backwater tour – spice and rubber plantations, stretches of endowed palms, exotic birds and wildlife, and even scores of busy fishing villages. This is a Luxury Tour of India at its finest.