Cruising the Ancient Turquoise Coast


A gület is an old Turkish yacht, which typically has two masts. The gület originates from the south west of Turkey, which is where your Turkey walk begins in the popular resort town of Marmaris.

Marmaris is where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean, resulting in one of the largest natural harbours in the world. This beautiful harbour surrounded on all sides by pine-clad hills is the perfect place to take a Turkey walk. However, as you have a few days here before your Turkey walking holiday begins, you may simply want to relax and enjoy some time on the popular sandy beach. This beach has attracted everyone from Marc Anthony to the Crusaders and it is still ever popular today with yachtsmen and tourists that enjoy the gin palaces and bustling nightlife.

Marmaris has plenty of historic attractions which you may want to spend time exploring on a Turkey walk. There is the famous Marmaris Castle and nearby phosphorus caves, as well an erstwhile Ottoman fort, which now acts an archaeology museum.

At Marmaris you will board your beautiful Turkish gület and sail along the Fetihye Gulf to the famous Gocek Islands. Sailing along the stunning coast gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and watch the world go by. Your evening meal is typically eaten underneath the stars whilst the calm Mediterranean laps at the sides of your ancient gület. The lack of light pollution in the midst of the Mediterranean is just perfect for star-gazers and it isn’t unusual to spot a shooting star or two whilst enjoying your traditional Turkish supper.

Whilst sailing to the Gocek Islands there will be plenty of stops on board, where you can explore rock tombs carved by ancients, which are mostly inaccessible by land. There are also plenty of opportunities whilst on your Turkey walking holiday to spend time snorkelling amongst the turquoise waters or using the onboard canoe to paddle alongside the gulet.

Before you reach the Gocek Islands, you will come to the Yassica Islands, which are well-known for their untouched sandy beaches, surrounded by olive and pine trees. The islands are also famous for their other speciality; traditional hand-cooked pancakes, which simply must be sampled whilst on your Turkey walking holiday.

The final stop on your walking holiday in Turkey is the famous Gocek Islands. The beautiful islands have a traditional fishing village feel to them and, though largely untouched by tourism, they are popular with yachtsmen who come to relax and enjoy the slow-paced island life. The islands have plenty of historic buildings and trails for you to explore during a Turkey walk. Cleopatra Bay was a favourite of Queen Cleopatra and famous for the Roman bath, which she requested be built on the island. The bath is now largely underwater but swimming around it on your Turkey walking holiday is rumoured to make you as a beautiful as the Egyptian Queen and will definitely provide the perfect ending to your Turkey walk.