Cruises to the Azores


You can make it on the Azores cruise ship holiday


Going on an Azores cruise ship holiday is really good for you. For people, this is such a long travel which they have to make preparation for the schedule and other problems along with their decision to take the trip.


This area is within the Mid Atlantic ridge. It can be found at about one thousand miles off the Portuguese cost. The yachts rarely get there so you really need to give serious consideration to the cruise ship as a means of transportation. Of recent there has been an extension of the trip from nine days to twelve days so you really have no excuse not to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that it offers. The commencement point is in Horta and then you will go to Faial. There are then the trips to Graciosa, Pico, Sao Jorge and Terceira. There are volcanic peaks to be enjoyed as well as some fishing expeditions. The geology of the area will enable you to have some exciting views of the landscape. Those that like sea life will be able to see some dolphins and whales.


This is the type of cruise ship holiday that you are looking for if you like to go beyond the stereotypes and the mundane. The itinerary will include the Dolphin and Wales trip. The Nordeste drive also has its charms. You can visit the Furnas valley or Ponta Delgada. There are also visits to Sete Cidades. You will need to take a flight to the UK and then Ponta Delgada. You are dropped off in the UK. The tour involves 7 breakfasts and three dinners. There is a local representative for the resorts and you can arrange transfers between overseas airports or hotels. You might also have to plan for other incidental charges. However the trip will deal with local airport taxes and service charges. Each traveler will get a copy of the itinerary.


This is a great deal for both the UK customers and those that are coming from the overseas. It is not the kind of cruise where you just sit back and wait for it to end. In this one you can really go through the sightseeing and group activities that have been organized. Some people might worry about the limited dinners but the truth is that you can always book some more for an affordable price. Moreover it is expected that you will want to sample some of the food that comes from the local restaurants. It is therefore conceivable that you might not even take the dinners that have been offered.


For the family travelling on a budget it is very good that they do not have to worry about local taxes. They might not appear to be very cumbersome on paper but they can intrude on your holiday with an irritating commitment. You have to be prepared to compromise on them.