Cruise Holidays Around The World


How do you think about cruise holiday? In my opinion, it is of the unique way  in which people use a means of transportation to relax.


It is weird if you think about it in the context of other forms of public transport. One cannot imagine having their holiday on a public bus. It is an idea that would be too weird even for the Osborne family. That is why a lot of money has been spent in trying to make the cruise holidays as comfortable as possible. They are aiming to create the impression of a hotel with the view that it will eventually rival anything that they have on the market at the moment. The vessel ceases to be a means of transport but instead it is yet another luxury that you could have in a hotel. In fact there are now prison ships in the United Kingdom. That means that the public is already getting used to the idea of using this vessels for purposes other than the obvious ones. You can build a five star hotel on a cruise ship and the customers will have no complaints.


The advantage of the cruise holidays is that they tend to go to tropical and exotic destinations. This brings a sense of adventure to the family. There is a lot that can happen on the way. For example people might fall in love or meet new friends. The gourmet restaurants ensure that the people do not even notice that they are on land unless there is some turbulence. The idea is to bring a sense of fun and a little grandeur to the holiday for the ordinary family. In this objective they have been very successful. The figures for the passengers are going up and they no longer have the acute profitability problems that the ocean liners faced. The profile of the customers that use this service has also changed for the better. We now have a democratized service that allows people to see different parts of the world. The variety of provision has also been crucial in bringing up standards in the industry. People can no longer get away with bad services. They would be taken away by competitors if they tried this stunt.


Where does the industry go from here?  I personally believe that there is still room for development in the cruise holidays industry. The passengers will want more comfort as well as a reduced price profile. This might be a short term challenge that can be excluded from the ranks of the issues that are dealt with but there is absolutely no way that we can ignore the importance of dealing with the issues that make this venture great. The client is at the heart of any provision and they will have to be consulted if there are any moves to change the configuration of the industry. We also have to think about the consequences of not building capacity on the cruise ships.