Crown Princess Mary of Denmark Introduces Newborn Twins


It is a great day for Denmark when the Nation has got a royal twin – a prince and a princess of Crown Princess Mary. The newborn twin were born at Copenhagen’s Rigshopitalet hospital. Reportedly, the boy arrives first at 10.30am according to the local time. He is about 18.5 inches long and 5.9 pounds in weight. The girl was born after 26 minutes with 18 inches long and 5.5 pounds in weight.


Last Saturday, Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have brought the twin from hospital to Amalienborg Palace. At the packed lobby of Copenhagen’s Rigshospital, the royal couple and the royal twin spend sometimes for the press and flag-waving public. Before leaving, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess also thank the staff at Rigshospitalet for “kindness and professionalism”. They come to home Amalienborg Palace from the hospital in a car driven by Crown Prince himself.


Prince Frederik and Mary first met each other in Sydney, Australia. Mary was the public relations executives and Frederik went with Denmark’s sailing team for the Olympics. The lovers wedded on May 14, 2004 in Copenhagen. Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary is well-known for her good sense of style and grace.


Denmark has a new prince and a new princess who are just one weeks old. They are the first twin born after the succession to the Danish monarchy since 1660. 


Traditionally, the babies’ names are not revealed until their christening in three months later.


In the pregnancy period, Princess Mary was shocked when finding that she was expecting a twin.


In an endless happiness, Crown Prince Frederik said to the press about being a father of his newborn children “It was fantastic to be involved.” and described the feeling as “a miracle times two”.


The babies are described as “good sleepers” by their royal father.


Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik first debut their royal twin at the lobby of Copenhagen’s Rigshospital.


Despite the fact that the babies’ names have not been decided yet, Crown Prince Frederik joked that his newborn son had the same birthday with Elvis; hence, “So for now, we can call the little Prince Elvis”


The couple already has two children – Prince Christian, 5 years old and Princess Isabella, 3 years old.


When being asked if they plan to have any new offspring, Princess Mary said, “At the moment, as you can see, we have our hands rather full”.



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