Critical Information About Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

{flickr|100|campaign} Whenever you build a landing page, you always should automatically think about optimizing it for conversions. You can perform A/B split testing to optimize anything for higher conversions. The worst thing you can do is not test your landing page using the split test method, but that is what many marketers do anyway – nothing. As far as testing is concerned, there are quite a few things you can optimize. If you want higher conversion rates, then take the time to learn what we will talk about next, and then put it into action.

It goes without saying that you will have a cold market coming to your landing page, and they will have never seen it before. Trust factor is extremely important online, and that is what we all battle with in our marketing. But still, consider that if people do trust you and the offer is not wanted, then they still will not optin for you. You can help build credibility and trust with testimonials, and if you do have some then you should use them. Your testimonials will work the best only if they are believable and look real. So your social proof that you can put on your landing page will make people feel more confident about you. Testimonials are not called ‘social proof’ for no good reason, they help to provide proof that you are the real deal. You can always take advantage of services offered by some who you do a great review and talk about their results.

Many internet marketers mistake dry corporate tones as the most professional way to get their point across but they are forgetting about the human touch factor. Write your copy just as you would talk to your best friend about your product, this approach makes prospects feel more comfortable with you and your products overall. A personal connection with your prospects is the only way to successfully get them buying and returning for more.

It is important that you load time for the landing page be extremely fast. The bottom line is to make it a fast loading landing page, and you can test it to make sure that it is fast.

In conclusion we’ve given you the tools you need to optimize your site to yield better results. Don’t forget the importance of your landing page in the overall scheme of things. Many who make this mistake see decreased or nonexistent profit margins. Go, get started, you can do it right away to see the real benefit of your hard work in your investments and returns.