Creating Squirrel Stew

{flickr|100|campaign} So as to prepare a squirrel stew you may want the following things:
a. two squirrels, cleaned and cut into tiny pieces;
b. Dutch oven with lid
c. a pair of tablespoons of oil;
d. 4 potatoes, cut into chunks;
e. four sliced carrots;
f. one giant chopped onion;
g. 1 clove garlic, minced;
h. one tablespoon of Italian herbs;
i. Salt & pepper (if you want);
j. Water.
Stick with it reading the five steps to seek out out more.
Step 1 – The primary issue you want to do is to heat the oil in the bottom of a Dutch oven and rapidly brown the squirrel pieces on all sides;
Step a pair of – Next factor to do is to hide the squirrel pieces with water and permit to slow boil for approximately two hours. Once that, take away the squirrel items from the pot and set them aside so as to chill down;
Step 3 – Add herbs and vegetables to the pan so that the meat can be a lot of tasteful, build certain you will not overdo as you’ll ruin the taste. The subsequent factor you want to accomplish is to turn the heat down so as to simmer.
Step four – As soon as the squirrel pieces are cool enough to touch along with your hands, take away the meat from the bones. Take the meat and place it back within the pot and throw away the bones as you won’t would like them anymore. Add water to suit your tastes.
Step five – The stew should be simmered for another one-two hours, depending on the squirrel meat. If you prefer, you could add a tablespoon of cornstarch thus that the gray can thicken. After that, you are done. Enjoy!
The above squirrel stew recipe is even additional delicious when it is served with biscuits or homemade bread. Of course, there are way more squirrel stew recipes, this can be only an example. Different value considering examples would be:
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As you’ll see, there are a number of cooking options as far because the squirrel meat is worried and maybe that’s why this meat is gaining a lot of and more fans. Luckily, the Internet has lots of squirrel recipes to offer at a very cheap price so create certain you Google one of those recipes or higher nonetheless, purchase a squirrel recipe book in which you will find dozens of ways that to organize this tasty meat.