Create a New Website That is Findable


It is critical to know your rates of conversion as you create a website. You need to know how many X viewers visit your site. One of those viewers you are going to make Y sales that value Z sales. Taking this figure and factor in what some of your costs will be is what you can do then.


Once you are really good with your numbers you can take a look at one client that you have and you can figure out just how much work you had to go through to get just that one client. The key factor is how many clients you can obtain during a lifetime and how much effort is that going to cost me. This is where marketing your budget comes in.


I see so many people get this wrong, especially with the market research they are doing. There is only so much data you can look at before you have to say to yourself that I have to be doing some work here. It’s almost like playing the stock market. When you play the stock market, you have to design a trading system that works well for you or you won’t make any money. The same thing holds true for marketing your business. Once you find out what works, you now have to do the work to get the clients coming in. You’ll never find that perfect keyword phrase that will bring in the big bucks, so just go with a variety of them.


These are big issues for some people for various reasons. You can be like the education cocaine addict that spends all of his time on the research yet never does any testing, nor puts the system into play. That is not the smart way to go about things. Sure there is a lot of research you can find on the search engines, but at some point, you have to get off of your dead butt and do something about it.


It really is just like trading, your past results are no indicator of what’s going to happen in your future. They can give you guidelines of what you should be doing and where you should be going and what to look out for, but it’s not set in stone. At the end of the day, there is nothing like getting that blog up and doing some work to get it ranked, then seeing the traffic come through. That is the definitive test for you.


Just take 30 days and map out where you want to be. There are some great free services online that will give you guidelines from A to B. That’s what it takes to build a new website.