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.tags I bet you’ve heard of just about every free traffic method out there. And if you’ve ever tried them, you know the ugly truth about them all… they’re an insanely crushing pile of grunt work.
It’s sort of like the Internet version of digging ditches.
And that’s why people all over the place are saying many of these methods are dead.
Hogwash. I know of one that’s alive and well, but it’s different from what it used to be. The competition is fierce. The research is harder to do. It’s just more difficult all around.

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Well, it is unless you have an unfair advantage…

Using Free Methods The old Way Is Crazy

Here’s how it usually goes…

First you research your winning market 30 minutes
Then you figure out how to target it using free methods 30 minutes
Then you do all the setup work for those free methods 3 hours
Then you work yourself to death to keep the traffic flowing Days or Weeks

It’s completely ridiculous. And those numbers are very low. I don’t know about you, but that would drive me insane. Do you really have that kind of spare time?
Most people don’t. That’s why to succeed with just about any free traffic method in today’s market, you simply have to have an unfair advantage that
Slashes your time and effort by 95-99%
Takes all the “will it work” guessing off the table
Gives you an actual step-by-step “blueprint” to follow
I searched until I couldn’t search anymore, and never found anything that would do that for me if I wanted to promote ClickBank products the fast and easy way… and put eye-watering money in my pocket. So,
I Created my own tool to make it crazy easy to cash in on clickbank products

I knew just what I wanted. Heck, I knew what needed to succeed. But I couldn’t find it. Anywhere. So I put some top programmers on it and told them to crank out the perfect tool that met my very detailed requirements.
After months of programming, testing and debating back and forth, the result was a piece of software that generated more traffic than a multi-car pileup in rush hour.
The traffic jump was nearly instant…
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