Countdown to Halloween 2010


Crazy about the upcoming 2010 Halloween Day and Gonna perfect your costume by wearing a wig on Halloween to steal the focus? To that end, you just need find an inexpensive hag wig to wear with frightening makeup to create a ghoulish costume, or wear a real hairpiece to create a celebrity costume that is perfect from head to toe. If you guys couldn’t wait for the big day and have shopped for Halloween wigs 2010 at costume retailers or at a specialty wig store, you might as well take a close look at following informative points about the way to wear Halloween wigs 2010 to the most shock and unique effect.

1.Check for a good fit by trying wigs on before you purchase one. Consider using a wig cap under your hairpiece to control your hair and improve the wig’s fit.

2.Prepare your hair before putting on your wig. Pull long hair back and away from your face. You can put your hair in a ponytail at the nape of your neck and pin it to the back of your head with bobby pins. Pull long bangs off your forehead and pin them to the top of your head. Put on your wig cap once you have pulled back your hair, and tuck all of your natural hair under it.

3.Slip on your Halloween hair wig, starting at your forehead. Secure your wig to your forehead with one hand as you pull the wig back over the rest of your hair. Check in a mirror to make sure none of your natural hair is showing.

4.Shake your head to see if the wig fits securely. If it won’t stay in place, tape the wig to your wig cap.

5.Put on your ghoul makeup after the wig is in place. If you are wearing more traditional makeup, choose a foundation, eye shadow and lipstick that complement your new hair color.

6.Brush inexpensive wigs gently since many are not fit for extensive styling. Use only hair spray and cold curlers to style a Halloween costume wig. Contact a wig store for professional styling.

So much for the splendid and fantastic tips for the sake of Halloween crazy guys to steal the focus and set themselves apart from others.  To be frank, right now I also can not wait for the big day scaring the crows and coming to the fore on the strength of the amazing and awesome Halloween wigs 2010, such as the mystic blue Halloween wig and I am gonna join you to count down and pray for the very big day!


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