Cottages In Wales

.tags Wales, known for its scenic beauty and diverse attractions is surrounded by England in the east and has the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Irish Sea to its west.

Tourists and locals can take advantage of the many self catering cottages in Wales. There are other bed and breakfast arrangements as well as apartments too which you can use as your home base from where you can plan and engage yourself in various activities during your holiday. These range from walking to trekking to cycling or just plain bird watching. There is enough by way of water sports too for those keen on them. Many museums, historic sites and monuments can also be visited. Horse riding is one other activity that is very popular due to the many trails and those from the cities always find it exciting to try something they can rarely do in their own environment. Wales is thus a wonderful place having something for everybody.

The self catering cottages are just perfect for those who want to experiment and try out local cooking ingredients. The fun and pleasure of buying fresh countryside produce for doing your own cooking is a different experience and certainly worth the time. Since many of the cottages are situated amidst the local population, you begin to feel one with them and would be able to understand how they carry out their daily lives. You can also if you wish opt for cottages that are located in the countryside itself. That would place you really close to nature and will serve to provide you and your family with an experience that is very rare for those from the urban milieu.

Besides these self catering cottages, you have other types of lodging like bed and breakfast at the guesthouses, caravan parks, farmhouse bed and breakfast and hotels. But it must be said that it is the cottages in Wales that are by far the most popular mainly because of the conveniences and facilities they offer that are second to none. They ensure that you are able to have a lovely holiday.