Cottage Pan Out Second


frame a “pot”, you can watch dozens of a TV Channel. The past two years, called ” Cottage pot “The proliferation of illegal satellite receivers much overlooked trend, reported the country has reached 40 million users as much.

This month on the 4th, the “China Star 9″ satellite system, start the upgrade, some experts say this means ” Cottage Pot “will be turned into scrap metal. However, journalists interviewed found that a large number of” cottage pot “is a black screen at the same time, the upgrade version of the” second generation pot “has also been listed.

54 channels down to 12

13 noon, a four-way forward Hankou Home Appliances Device shops ago, a coworker had a dispute with the owner. The old master name

summer, he spent 160 yuan last month bought a “pot”, then 54 channels can be received, but the beginning of this month only 12 channels, and then home to discuss his claim.

Owner is given two solutions: add another 100 locked effect from satellite second generation “pot”, or break other factory methods are given. After consideration of the master selected the second option in summer.

For “pot” buck-passing much more than the summer one teacher. Day 12 noon to around 4 pm, the reporter visited four forward nearly 4 hours, met nearly a hundred people come to negotiate.

Satellite lock the transmission programs

So-called satellite “lock” means “in the Star 9” satellite system upgrade. “No. 9 in the Star” is the first to live in China-based business Communicate Satellite, launched in the year before last June, used for radio and television, “every village” project, mainly for remote, rural areas do not see the television, radio and television departments of all satellite receivers can only be distributed free of charge. Since its first programs to be transmitted without encryption, attracted a large number of unscrupulous manufacturers of imitation, leading to “cottage pot” spread.

To change this situation, starting from midnight on the 4th of this month, “the Star 9” air transmission of software upgrades, while ensuring legitimate users can watch TV normally under the premise of the “cottage pot” progressive black.

“Cottage pot” off upgrades

On the “black program” carried out intensely, the “cottage pot” manufacturers simultaneously set off upgrades.

The past few days, the reporter visited several times in the three towns, found that some “cottage pot” can still be normal to receive a large number of channels. “Does not mean that satellite encryption it?” Reporter posed as a client consultation to several operators, each other, both said that there a lot of “pot” to be black, but the plants are trying to crack the encryption system, many manufacturers have already launched the “Second on behalf of the pot “, price ranging from 140 to 260 yuan.

To dispel the concerns of customers, many operators will be a live demonstration. Reporter saw several times, connected to the so-called “second generation pot”, the really still watch Hunan Satellite TV, such as in Shandong TV 46 channels.

Satellite if continues to escalate, “second-generation pot” will also be black? In this regard, there are operators admitted they were worried that the matter; also the operators that this is not the problem. Computown a shop owner said: “windows security technology and more powerful, not as cracked?” And the operator said to be out of the factory crack programs, and members of the public does not want redemption, “second generation pot,” which will be 10 yuan / time of the price to help users upgrade.

“In Star 9” may be further upgraded

Addition to the market has been a “second generation pot”, the Internet is also spreading a lot of crack tips, many people can not help wondering: satellite began to upgrade, do so quickly cracked it? This issue, the reporter interviewed on the 15th Science and Technology Department, Deputy Commissioner was the Yangtze River in Hubei Radio and TV Wei Chao. “Most manufacturers say that crack may be , but some manufacturers might indeed cracked.