Costa Del Sol Property Market Review September 2010


Please note that the information provided in this Costa del Sol property article is of a general interest nature and intended as a basic outline only. You are well advised to contact a professional for advice specific to your circumstances. Nothing contained in this article should be seen or taken as the writer or the publisher providing legal or financial advice.

So what about Marbella property for sale in Costa del Sol and there is no doubt that 2010 from about April onwards has actually been a lot tougher than 2009. The major reason for this being that the real distressed property sales were last year and most people who survived 2009 were not nearly as distressed as the property vendors that made it into 2020. In 2009 it was possible to buy prime location properties at reduced prices but in 2010 the real value is in secondary locations as there is virtually no discount on prime location property.

Unfortunately the Costa del Sol property market is still driven by the words “Distressed Sales! And “Bank Repossessions” with prospective purchasers laying down the law to agents about what they are prepared to do and what they are not. However the reality of the market is that they aren’t really in a position to do this. There are still some very good deals to be had but they are far less and obviously an agent who knows about a good deal is far more likely to point the nice appreciative client in the direction of that property rather than the client who thinks he knows more than they do.

As for the secondary locations such as Elviria Hills here you can find some great value for money deals at nearly 50% discount from the highs of 2007 and what you can buy does very much depend on your budget. But a quality apartment will set you back 250,000 but you can buy a nice Villa for 450,000 and this is where the value is so to speak.

So the Costa del Sol property market has very much reached an impasse where buyers want discounts that property owners aren’t prepared to give and unless the buyers and sellers start to give and take a bit it’s going to continue to be hard on sales.