Convenience Is Key For Home Recycling Programs

.tags Establishing programs to recycle waste in many municipalities and towns can run into resistance. Some homeowners feel that these programs are too much of a hassle. The truth is, with the right recycling bins, any residential program is convenient and easy to handle. No matter whether the program is single stream or multi stream, using the right recycling containers is the key to making any program easy and convenient.

Single Stream: Recycling Bins To Keep The Load Light

The biggest complaint with single stream programs is the amount of recyclables that end up in a single receptacle. Since no sorting is required, single stream programs are typically more convenient, but the right recycling containers can make it even better. Homeowners can make the mistake of overloading their recycling bins and having trouble moving them to the curb or into their truck.

The answer to this problem is to utilize two or three recycling containers to distribute the load evenly. Heavy duty receptacles that clip together, nest within each other, or can be used as a rider are an effective way to keep all recyclables in one area while still spreading out the weight.

Utility carts are typically seen in business or industry, but they are excellent for homeowners as well. Wheeled utility carts can handle the weight and are still easy to handle.

Multi Stream: Sort Every Day

For towns with multi stream programs, homeowners find sorting their recyclables to be a major hassle. Again, well designed recycling bins will make sorting trash much more convenient.

The key to sorting is to do a little bit each day. The worst thing any homeowner can do is to wait until the night before pick up to try to sort through an entire week’s worth of trash. By sorting every piece of waste throughout the day, most homeowners hardly even notice it.

A good set of recycling containers will make sorting much less stressful and will save space. Models today are designed to clip together, nest together, snap together, clip-on, and an assortment of ways to break down a single receptacle into multiple chambers. Sorting becomes a cinch. Then, when it is time to haul the bins out to the curb or load them into the truck, each of the recycling containers can be handled one by one.

Community Involvement

A waste program is a valuable asset to any community, especially when entire neighborhoods embrace them. Municipalities and towns receive funding and grants based on the total volume of waste that gets recycled. So every home that gets on board helps to raise more money for roads, schools, and public resources. In addition, if the entire town is separated their recyclables, it is easier to arrange for pickups rather than having to haul the waste to a community waste center.

While some people will be apprehensive about integrating these programs into their neighborhoods, in the end, finding a solution for effective sorting and storage solves nearly any problem or inconvenience that may arise.