Content Curation – What is the etiquette for sharing other peoples content?

Content Curation – What is the etiquette for sharing other peoples content?

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1 – It is really early days for me and I have extremely limited time on my hands, however aim to do at least one post each week. I have started this on LinkedIn and would appreciate if you could drop by and give me any feedback?

2 – One thing I am uncertain about I guess is the etiquette of sharing other peoples content in my post? I put a post on this morning which i basically reproduced from an online article, which I included the source for however, does the content have to be original or can it be adaptations of things i have read? Hope this is clear?

3 – This is probably a really daft question. When people like your post, do you contact them to connect on LinkedIn or acknowledge in any way, other than respond to people who actually make comment?

4 – Also there is mention in your emails about giving free ebooks etc however not sure how I would use this myself?

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