Content Creation Tools

Content Creation Tools

Over time I’ve had a lot of people ask me for software recommendations. This video shows the tools I use to create content as well as provide services to others. Get a full link and resource list at

From making graphics to editing videos, if you work online and don’t want to outsource things, at some time you will need software to help you get it done. If it’s a blog header, or if you are venturing into making videos, this list of content creation tools will help you get started.

Learn Camtasia with Lon Naylor at

Time Stamps:

0:21-Annotation Menu


1:22-Building Websites

1:42-Screen Recording

2:08-Batch File Renaming

2:34-Video Editing

2:58-Reducing Video File Size

3:23-Cleaning Audio

3:52-Royalty Free Music

4:04-Working With Color

4:15-Holiday Message

4:53-Recommended Videos

Mobile Links:


Building Websites

Screen Recording

Batch File Renaming

Video Editing

Reducing Video File Size

Cleaning Audio

Royalty Free Music

Working With Color

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