Cologne – How to Buy and Use It


Depending on where you are should determine what you should be wearing. You can find a cologne that works for any location or setting or you could choose to narrow it down to suit the occasion. Ideally, its best to opt for lighter scents during the summer and heavier ones during the winter.

Also, never assume that what smells good on someone else will smell good on you. It’s essential to know that every cologne smells different in every person. The type of your skin and its reaction with the cologne does make a lot of difference. Oily skin can enhance the cologne, hence you will want to go for a less strong cologne to balance the odor. Likewise, dry skin cannot hold colognes for long. Hence opt for a little heavier one with a higher concentration. If you have a sensitive skin, choose colognes with natural ingredients as it prevents your skin from irritation. Also, avoid high scented body wash (if you choose to wear cologne all day long) as it interferes with the smell of your cologne.

While purchasing, choose colognes randomly and spray them onto the cards. If you try on your arm, by the time you get to the third or fourth cologne, your arms will be drenched with other scents, leaving you confused. Hence put each one on different cards and test the fragrance.

There is a top note to fragrance, a middle note and a dry down note. The first two can be found out in the store.

• Top Note: You need to spray the cologne onto the card, wave it in the air and then smell it. This is called the top note.
• Middle Note: Smell it again after 10 to 15 minutes. This is called the middle note. It is the fragrance that takes over after the top note dissolves.
• Dry Down Note : This is when you smell it after an hour. It is to ensure that your cologne will hang on for at least three to four hours.

Since, it takes time to reach the ‘dry down note,’ see if you can get samples of the colognes you liked. You can perhaps check what it is exactly like, after an hour and then make your decision. It does take some time and effort, but it’s the best way to buy a cologne.

A lot of people are still unaware about the applications. You need to apply at the pulse points. The ideal places are behind the ears, the wrists, sides of the neck and the chest. The best time to apply it is after shower. Another place to apply is at the back of the knees as the fragrance tends to rise.

Applying cologne to the right spots and in the right amount is an art in itself. It’s not a statement but an expression – hence use it wisely.