Colocation Hosting – 3 Points to Consider When Looking For a Data Center


When you colocating your server, the next thing to do is finding a good data center to house your server. You must consider this thoroughly because you are about to trust your highly expensive equipment in someone else hands, and if you wrongly choose your provider, and you want to move that won’t be an easy task because we are talking about moving a server physically, not just moving the data and this could cost you a lot of money.

Below are a few points that you need to look at when finding a data center for your server:

Location is one of the most important point when looking for a provider, find the location that is near your target of business, and if possible find the one that also close to your location, but make sure the area where the data center located is not prone to disasters such as flood, earthquake, tornado, etc.

Power and cooling also important, without power your server is nothing. So, check if the facility use redundant power and how many servers do they put in one rack, if they put many servers in one rack the heat that each server produce could become a problem, so besides power facility cooling is also an important point that you should check.

Technical support is very important, the support must be available 24/7 and the support level have to be suitable with your need. The ability to perform remote maintenance have to be available, so if you need to change BIOS settings or having a kernel panic you can have the same access as if you physically in front of the server. It’s also important to measure your own level of skill and pick the provider that could do what you can’t.

To pick the best provider is about knowing what you need, the facility and also what components inside the data center. And whatever the provider’s said about their data center and their services you must ask them for concrete proof on what they said and if possible go there and see it by yourself.