Coleraine, County Londonderry is Truly a Land of Enchantment


Coleraine, County Londonderry is loaded with fun an interesting things to do. There are three main parks, as well as many smaller parks to visit.

Anderson park is planning much work to make this already spectacular park even better. In the center of this park, you will find the “Phoenix peace fountain”. This gift to the people of Northern Ireland was a given by the U.S. as a reminder of their support of the North Ireland peace process, and was created through the use of melted firearms. You will also find many flowers including beautiful rose gardens with pergolas for the climbing roses. This park also features a lake and children’s play area.

Coleraine has five beaches, which are now taking advantage of the new flagging program. Designated areas are flagged as zones for swimming, jet skiing, surfing and more. This ensures that everyone remains in an area that is safe for their desired activity.

The “Dunluce center” is a great family entertainment center, featuring a three level soft play area with tubes, tunnels, climbing wall and much more. This is also the home of Ireland only four dimensional special effect theatre. This is sure to be a thrill for the entire family.

“Dunluce castle” is a sixteen century ruin which sits on the cliff top. Visitors are encouraged to roam about the castle freely. There are interactive panels and a visitors center for those who want more information. This castle is claimed to be haunted, so be careful.

“Hezlett house” is a seventeenth century thatched roof house and one of the oldest surviving houses in Ireland. Here you can get a taste of what life was like in Ireland during this time.

Coleraine – Co. Londonderry is absolutely breathtaking in it’s beauty. From the cliff tops to the rolling beaches, it must be seen to be fully appreciated.

It is no wonder that Ireland is thought to be a land of enchantment, the loveliness of Coleraine, indeed paints a picture of natural perfection.