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Taken from Ellis Bridge looking over a tool trader’s spot at the Ravivar Bazaar (Sunday Market) in Ahmedabad. The display of tools at this particular stall is about 4 times that which you can see here and is all set up for only one day a week. The market location is alongside the slum at the edge of the Sabramati River.

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By Meanest Indian on 2009-01-11 10:01:48

Get free and easy traffic to your website by writing great articles that will draw in your target coaching niche. Potential coaching clients are hungry for information on subjects that they are interested in. A person can have an interest in a subject because they enjoy the subject or because they have a challenge with the subject.

The key to successful article marketing is to write a lot of great articles your target coaching niche will be interested in and articles publishers will run with and publish. There are several tried and true formats that will help you easily write articles. The basic format is to define a problem, increase the pain the problem causes, offer a solution, and summarize.

Get Out of a Trap

We have all felt that we were trapped by something. We have made choices or can’t see any choices before us and we feel trapped. Use this method to write an article that will help your target coaching client understand a particular trap. Follow this template to write great articles about getting out of a common trap for your target coaching niche.

Choose a trap that your target coaching niche commonly falls into and think of the ways to avoid that particular trap. Use your first paragraph to describe the trap and why it is bad to be in that trap. Next, stir up the pain by describing some of the consequences of being in that trap.

Tell the reader that they are not the only person that has ever fallen in that particular trap and others frequently fall into the same trap. Explain that you have helped many others that have fallen into this trap.

Give the reader your method of escaping from the trap. Your ideas could include tips, strategies, ideas, and your own unique solutions. Show the reader a specific method to escape the trap they are in and let them know that you offer several other methods to people that coach with you.

Write a conclusion that reviews the trap, your method for escaping the trap, and how you help clients with similar problems in your coaching practice. Then direct them to take a specific action such as, consider the value of coaching and how it could help them with other challenges they face.

Writing informative and interesting articles is a way to help potential coaching clients get to know, like and trust you so they will consider coaching with you.

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