Coaching Practice – How to Get Clients From FREE Off Line Marketing


To have a great balance in your business, I suggest online and off line marketing methods. Some say it is easier to get coaching clients from off line marketing strategies. The reason for this is that it’s more secure to gather clients who are closer to you in real life. You may attract visitors to your website and gather enough information from them in terms of email addresses, but you’re never even sure if they live in the same state as you do. When you employ marketing strategies off line, you’re at least sure that the people you will be contacting belong to your closely knit networks.

Here are 2 great tips that I have used over and over again.

1) Give out professional looking business cards
Whenever you attend events, whether they’re directly related to your profession or not, you need to make sure that you have a professional looking business card at hand. The beauty of life coaching is that it’s always significant to people, no matter what field of profession they may be in. Also, compared to psychotherapy, life coaching has no negative stigma. It’s socially “safe” to get life coaching because it doesn’t mean you’re mentally bothered by anything.

Just make sure that your life coaching business card isn’t too fancy. As much as possible, include elements that are necessary. Simplicity is still the key to good and effective business cards, but make sure that they’re not too spare, either, that they come off too bland in the end.

2) Take every opportunity to speak
Welcoming invitations for seminars might not be the best way to gain profits as a life coach, but it’s always a promising venue to display your expertise. Remember, more than 20 future clients are waiting to hear you talk about your job, or your take on life issues. That’s more advertising space for you as a life coach already, and it should be an honor if you were invited to speak in an event.

Here are just some suggestions for talks:
Talk to local companies to discuss a ‘lunch and learn’ they offer your talk to their employees over lunch to help them and they can then buy your services for a discounted price when booking on the day.
Talk to your local library to put on a talk there.
Mum and Toddler group.
Local Gym.

However, becoming a speaker is a make-it-or-break-it event. Make sure that you’re well prepared before going to these events. You should already anticipate questions from the audience that aren’t even included in the main topic. The important thing here is to make a good impression on the people you’re addressing. Using your charms in this event is always a good thing.