Client-Inspired Jewelry


As you walk down the streets or the corridors of your work place, you see people wearing jewelry. This jewelry advertises those people. It makes them more attractive. Each accessory tells you, the Observer, things about the person that you would never have known otherwise. Each diamond, gemstone, engraving and motif spells volumes about the person at whom you are looking. What we don’t realize is that most of this jewelry is lying. No matter how much each of those people want their jewelry to relay a specific message about themselves, that jewelry says nothing more than “Target”, “Wal-Mart” or “Kay Jewelers”.

When you look at the jewelry that you’re wearing right now, what are you telling yourself? What are you telling others? “These earrings are cute” or “My ring is prettier than hers”? What real personality does your jewelry have? If you bought it from somewhere in passing, the chances are that it actually says very little about you.

People are misrepresenting themselves every day. They are sending off the wrong signals. Some people are so badly accessorizing that it’s painful to look at! Here is the truth: Most people appear to be oblivious; but don’t be fooled! They notice everything about you.

The answer is in “Client-Inspired” jewelry. Jewelry that is made exclusively for the owner; on their own terms and with a specific meaning or feeling in mind. The owner of one of these pieces is telling people exactly what she or he wants others to know. If people don’t have time to fully grasp the meaning of that piece, they will at least recognize that they may never see that jewelry ever again.

People know value when they see it. You are no different; at least in that regard.

Yet there is another truth to be explored: You are different! Why would you want something that everyone else has? Don’t waste your money on things that say nothing about you. Invest in something that tells people who you are so explicitly that there is no room to misunderstand what they are looking at.

“Client-Inspired” jewelry says it best. It is the front line of your self expression. It tells every secret. It exposes every intent. It opens the doors to your success in almost every personal endeavor. Make no mistake- jewelry is magical. You knew it when you were young and it is just as true today.

How does one get “Client-Inspired” Jewelry?

First of all, you’ll need an idea. A sketch or a picture will be best; yet if all you have is an idea, some artists will be able to help you further and form that idea.

Secondly, you should look in your area for a jeweler who’s shop is capable of that service. If you can’t find anything that way, or don’t have the time to visit his or her shop all the time, you can also look online. There are some companies that are specifically equipped to make this type of jewelry.

From here, it’s easy. Talk to your designer and get him or her to understand what you want your jewelry to say. Some companies will be able to produce a photorealistic model of your design for you to approve before it’s made. Once you and the designer have an understanding of what you are looking for, it’s only a matter of time for it to be made!

With just a little effort and imagination, you could have jewelry that was inspired by you. It will never go out of fashion. It will never lose its meaning. When you pass it down to the next generation, a piece of you will be preserved in time. What other kind of jewelry can do so much?

Next time you’re out-and-about, have a look around you. See what others are wearing. Ask yourself what their jewelry says about them. Then have a piece of jewelry created specifically for you and go out in confidence, knowing that those who see you are getting the right signals.