Clash Of The Titans Perseus Vs Calibos Halloween Costumes That Rock


Lets let our imaginations slip back into a time of great myths and legends, gripping story telling, and maybe the inclusion of the Hollywood touch, and look at the classic characters from the fantastic story of “Clash Of The Titans’ two characters in particular, Perseus and Acrisius, also known as Calibos, after been turned into a monster. These two enemies make the perfect Halloween costume idea, for both men and boys.

Really the Clash Of The Titans movie is just a collaboration of mostly Greek mythology and a little Roman throwing in, and mixed up for some great Hollywood story telling, and as the original movie was made in 1981(my favorite) another entertaining remake was made in 2010, and because of this, Clash of the Titans Halloween costumes have become extremely popular, but you can see why with the great looking characters in the movies.


Here we have the half human son of the Greek god zeus Perseus who is a brave warrior that defeats the monster Medusa and slays the beast the Kraken, engaging the love and saving the Princess Andromeda. While trying to do this he is perused by the monster Calibos.

The Perseus costumes for Halloween available are amazing looking. They are tough and menacing looking, come with battle scarred looking tunics and armor, featuring chest pieces, arm gauntlets and shin guards, swords and shield, a seriously fun costume, and made specifically for men and boys, from standard sizes to XL sizes. A brilliant costume to help you turn heads this Halloween.


Calibos was once called Acrisius, the son of the Goddess Thetis and was engaged to Andromeda. He was hit with lightening by Zeus and turned into the monster he is now. Calibos becomes enraged about the love between Perseus and Andromeda and abducts her holding her prisoner, which sets of the chain of events that make this a brilliant enjoyable story.

The Calibos costumes are outrageously crazy looking and fun to wear. They include a torn and tattered tunic, a molded chest-piece with scar details, gauntlets, molded fingers and shin guards, and a brilliant vile mask, all in all, the perfect Halloween costume.

They are truly unique costumes, and perfect for men and boys, wanting to rule this Halloween. In the story there are other great Halloween characters like Medusa and all the Gods so the choice is fantastic. But with Perseus and Calibos, whether you choose to pair up or go as an individual, whether to be a hero warrior or a scary vile monster, the choice is uniquely amazing, and sure to be the talk of any Halloween fancy dress party.