Clarity in a Weekend


Clarity is an unusual word. Why do I say that? Look at it. CLARITY!

It is an unusual word because it can mean so much yet it can mean so little. Let me explain. Say for example you have two pieces of pie in front of you. You know that you want a piece of pie, you just cannot decide which one. You lean towards one of them, but at the same time you have the other piece in site. What do you do? Well, one thing that you could do is eat them both, but then that could cause your waistline to grow. You could eat one and save the other. But therein lies the proverbial dilemma. What to do. This is where clarity comes in. Clarity, actually it has been there all along. What happens is we choose to ignore it. We know what we want but we lie to ourselves. We pretend that we do not know what we want. We become a little greedy. We want it all, that’s what we want. So, clarity is just a way for us to tap into ourselves and be honest. Honest with who and what we are, and what we want. Without clarity we deceive no one else but ourselves. Sure, it seems like a simple little task like choosing to be honest with ourselves would be quite simple. If you are like me I know that you will agree that honesty is a key ingredient to our personal success. However, no matter how simple this seems to be, it is often quite difficult for us to find clarity. In fact I would say that it has been difficult for all of us at least once. But no matter how difficult it seems to achieve clarity in any area of your life, it is possible. We can either work within ourselves to bring about the clarity that we desire, or we can find someone who will lend us some of their expertise to help us find our clarity. It just depends how important clarity is to you.

Clarity comes to us in a variety of ways. We can find it by just making a decision to eat the apple pie, pass on the other one, and enjoy what we have. Once we make the determination that we know what we want, we move to new level; a level that feels better, sounds better, and yes even looks better. Say for example you are not sure what it is you “want to be when you grow up”. (Don’t laugh there are many of us grown ups who still don’t know what they want.) What do you do? You have the “ideal” career. You make plenty of em oh en ee why. But you still do not feel satisfied. You feel as if there is something lacking in your life. You just cannot seem to figure it out. This is turn may cause you to become frustrated, maybe angry, you may even resort to the use of some type of substance. All of these actions are a personal misinterpretation of your true desires. You know what you want, but you will come to some sort of rationalization to justify your desire as illogical. You may even think that you don’t deserve it. At that point clarity is hiding out. It’s there, it is just not coming out. When you finally bring it out you feel 100% better. It’s like a breath of fresh air. When it is hidden it almost feels as if you are suffocating. Regardless of all of these uncomfortable feelings we continue to do as we have been doing. A famous person once said, “that if we continue to do as we have always done and expect to get a different result; that is the definition of being slightly off kilter.” OK so I translated it a little liberally, but you know what I mean, right? The point is that clarity is available to all of us; we just have to bring it out. Clarity helps to make our life more fulfilling. It helps us to make decisions that we know we must make.

So you see, clarity can mean so much and at the same time it can mean so little. For those of us who seek it, we find it, and it means a lot. But for those of us who push it away, it means so little. Bring out a little clarity in your life.

CLARITY…….Lets be clear about that.