City Guide to Girona Spain


Many visitors to the Catalan capital of Barcelona, or to the Costa Brava beaches will pass through Girona Airport en route. The city of Girona (spelled as Gerona in Spain) is located approximately 100 km to the north of Barcelona, and around 7km from Girona Airport. There is a regular bus service from the airport to the city centre.

Girona Airport is the main gateway to the Costa Brava, so in summer months it is generally very busy. For the rest of the year the airport is quieter, although it is an all year destination with low cost flight operator Ryanair. In the winter months the airport is mainly used by visitors to Barcelona. There are coaches to Barcelona which connect with all the Ryanair flights.

Like all of the Costa Brava, Girona has a Mediterranean climate, which means even in the winter months, the daytime temperatures are generally very mild. The early spring and autumn are good months to visit and enjoy the warm sunshine. Being located around 30km inland, the temperatures are slightly cooler than on the coast in winter, and a little warmer in summer.

Girona has a population of just under 100,000, and is a quiet, typical Catalan city. Built on the banks of the Onyar river, Girona has a spectacular old town with many medieval buildings. Overlooking the old town area is the beautiful 11th century Gothic cathedral. The city retains its Spanish charm and has not been noticeably affected by tourism, unlike many of the coastal towns on the Costa Brava.

The old town area has a market on Tuesdays and Saturdays (9-1) at selling local foods, crafts and clothing. Many of the stalls are set up on the bridge which divides the new town from the old town area. From the bridge there are spectacular views over the river.

The new town area of Girona has less charm than the old town area, and is much like any Spanish town or city. There are plenty of modern shops, and a selection of bars and restaurants.  The Plaza Mayor is a traditional Spanish plaza with some good traditional bars and restaurants, and is quite lively at weekends in the evenings.

Driving is relatively straight forward in the Costa Brava, there are plenty of Girona Airport car hire companies operating direct from the airport, and prices are very reasonable away from the busy summer months. There is a Novotel located around 1km from Girona Airport, if your flight arrives late in the evening, and girona itself has a plenty of hotels.

So, if you are considering a winter break this year, or if you are visiting Barcelona, why not plan a day or two in the historic town of Girona.