Christmas Travel To Lapland

.tags For every child big and small (that includes grownups!) – flying out of the UK and jetting off to Lapland is the ultimate in Christmas travel! And the most magical too.

As the years have gone by so has the popularity of heading off to Lapland in search of Father Christmas. And its even more accessible than ever, as even more regional airports fly to Lapland, for instance, Bournemouth Airport, Bristol Airport, East Midlands Airport, Newcastle Airport and Leeds Bradford Airport; as well as the larger airports such as Gatwick.

Whether youre lucky enough to go for 4 days or a day trip, a visit to this winter wonderland is, simply put, out of this world. However, do please be aware that if you have young children with very young siblings you may have to put your visit on hold for a few years children under 3 are not advised to travel as it is so very cold.

The flight from the UK to Lapland only takes about 3.5 hours from Gatwick Airport, usually flying out about 7.30am, to Kittila in Northern Finland. Then another hours transfer by coach. It is a long day if doing it all in one day but mostly children seem to manage. The day trip usually allows for a full 6-7 hours in the resort.

From the moment you arrive your time spent in this magical land is jam-packed. From snow angels on the forest floor to a high-speed husky ride, to feeding reindeer to sledging, not a moment is wasted. However, dont assume that everything is included there are many tour operators offering Lapland excursions and each differs. Do check exactly what is included in your experience, and what activities and excursions are an additional charge.

And then of course theres your date with the Big Man himself. As you set off to find his house, with little notes attached to forest trees to guide you in the right direction, children and adults alike can only imagine what its like to meet the real Father Christmas. His house is everything you and your little ones would expect. It looks like a chocolate box from the outside, and inside is a huge roaring fire, a big red bed and a huge red chair. Your children will be speechless as to how much he knows about them (helped by the information form that parents have completed before the visit!).

And if youre lucky, you might even get a chance to take a glimpse of the Northern Lights as well as the real Father Christmas ho, ho, ho.