Christina Sturmer


Christina Sturmer opened her eyes into this world on the 9th of June in the year 1982. She is an Austrian singer by profession who belongs to the pop and the rock genre.

After she had spent some time working at a bookshop that had been situated in Linz, she went on to sing in several bands. she reached the number two position in Starmania, which is an Austrian music casting TV show. Her debut song had been titled “Ich lebe” (I Live) and it had been released in the year 2003. it went on to be a much successful song in Austria. This was no the end of it, it was followed up by numerous number one hits.

In the year 2004 she released a song titled “Vorbei” (which roughly translated means “Over’) made it to the German Top 100. then in the month of April in the following year a new version of her recent song “Ich lebe” had been released. This had been specifically produced for both the German and the Switzerland market.

It was a good decision as the aforementioned song managed to reach very high positions in Germany, Switzerland and also Italy. This made Christina Sturmer very well-known in all German-speaking countries. Then in the year 2006, she marked her most successful year to date. In this particular year she managed to sell over one and a half million copies of her CDs in all the mentioned countries that are Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Christina belongs to a musical family. When she entered her teens she used to play the saxophone in a jazz musical band. With the addition of the saxophone in the band, she went on to play the transverse flute. In the year 1998 she went on to sing in a cover band that she founded. This band had been named as “Scotty”, and was more famous for playing English language songs most often.

She had also had the honor of being the member of much talented cappella group that had been named Sulumelina. Soon after dropping out of high school, Christina had begun to work on an apprenticeship that she had gained with a bookstore named Amadeus. Soon after she went on to apply for Starmania.

In the year 2003, Sturmer had managed to secure the second place in Starmania. She had fallen behind only Michael Tschuggnall. A little while after that she went on to release her debut original song that had been titled “Ich Lebe” (which roughly translated means “I Live”). This song was released in the year 2003 and made it to the number one spot on the Austrian music charts where it stayed for almost ten weeks.

After “Ich Lebe” she had gone on to release to more successful singles that had been titled “Geh nicht wenn du kommst” (that can be roughly translated as “Don’t Go When You Come”) and the anti-war song that had been titled Mama. The later had been released during the war in Iraq.

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