Christian Marriage Advice – Finding Peace and Comfort In The Middle Of The Storm


The Christian marriage advice I have detailed in this article can help you change your perspective, your outlook and your marriage. All I ask is that you not just accept what I have written here but get confirmation by reading and praying. Listed below are the scriptures that I’m referring to later in the article in case you want to look them up before you read more;

• Philippians 4:4 – 4:7
• Colossians 3:12 – 3:15
• Isaiah 32:17 -19

It’s clear that in this life we will have trouble, Christians and non Christians alike. I’m sure you have heard many times that just because you become a Christian it doesn’t mean that your problems disappear, never to return. However, follow this Christian marriage advice and you should be able to get through your problems with peace of mind.

Stop Being Anxious

According to Philippians 4 Christians should not be anxious about anything, but pray and ask God for help. This should be done with a thankful heart. There are things you have control over and other things you don’t have control over. It’s important for you not to stress and worry yourself sick about things you can’t control.

Are you struggling in your marriage and having trouble just getting along? Don’t lose focus and let your marriage issues change your relationship with God. If you have tried all you can to resolve your marriage problems take this advice and turn it over to God. Let God know that you are out of ideas and ways to fix your Christian marriage and ask Him for advice.

Be Patient, Humble and Kind

Regardless of the marital issues you may dealing with, as a Christian you should be living life according to Colossians 3:12 – 15. As a believer and a spouse you should be treating each other with kindness, gentleness and patience. If you look in the Bible for Christian marriage advice about love you will see that love is supposed to be patient and kind.

As a Christian couple your marriage should reflect love, despite the challenges and obstacles you are trying to overcome. Any behavior not resembling love is unhealthy for your marriage and testimony. Would you like to know what I believe is the key Christian marriage advice? It is “forgive as the Lord forgave you”. Practice forgiveness and you will have more peace in your marriage.

It is God’s intention for Christian couples to have a marriage and home secure in the knowledge of their relationship with Him and filled with peace and joy. Does it mean that Christians will never have marriage problems? No! However, how Christians deal with and overcome their marriage problems, should be different, than the rest of the world.