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In 1999 Brooks and his production company Red Strokes Entertainment, with Paramount Pictures, began to develop a movie in which Brooks would star. The Lamb was to have revolved around Chris Gaines, a fictional rock singer and his emotionally conflicted life as a musician in the public eye. To create buzz for the project, Brooks took on the identity of Gaines in the October 1999 album Garth Brooks in … The Life of Chris Gaines, which was intended as a ‘pre-soundtrack’ to the film. Brooks also subsequently appeared as Gaines in a television “mockumentary” for the VH1 series Behind The Music and as the musical guest on an episode of Saturday Night Live, which he hosted as himself.
Brooks’ endless promotion of the album and the film did not seem to stir much excitement and the lack of success of the Chris Gaines experiment became fairly evident mere weeks after the album was released. Although critics admired Brooks for taking a musical risk, the majority of the American public was either totally bewildered, or completely unreceptive to the idea of Garth Brooks as anything but a pop-country singer. Many of his fans also felt that, by supporting the Gaines project, they would lose the real Garth Brooks. Sales of the album were unspectacular and although it made it to #2 on the pop album chart, expectations had been higher and retail stores began heavily discounting their oversupply. Less than expected sales of the album (more than two million) and no further developments in the production of the film as a result brought the project to an indefinite hiatus in February 2001 and Gaines quickly faded into obscurity.
Despite the less than spectacular response to the Chris Gaines project, Brooks gained his first – and only – US Top 40 pop single in “Lost in You”, the first single from the album.
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Christian Gene Gaines was born August 10, 1967 in Brisbane, Australia. His family moved to the Los Angeles area when he was five years old. As an only child, Gaines was expected by many to carry the torch in the Olympic waters. His father had been a coach for Long Beach State, and both the U.S. and Australian Olympic swim teams. Gaines’ mother is a former swimmer for the Australian Olympic team, and a Commonwealth Games medalist. The young Gaines, however, defied expectations of an athletic future and developed a life-long passion for music, a passion so great that he decided to quit school his senior year at Morning Side High School to pursue his music professionally. He did complete his G.E.D. in 1987.
Gaines joined his best friend Tommy Levitz along with Marc Obed to form the band, CRUSH. The band signed with Capitol Records in 1985 and release their self-titled debut album the following year. The first single, “My Love Tells Me So,” was a No. 1 smash and one of the most successful songs of 1986. But the band’s success was short-lived when lead singer Tommy Levitz died in a plane crash on December 11 of that year. For the next two years, Joe Smith of Capitol Records and Gaines discussed the possibility of a solo career, and in the autumn of 1989, Gaines released his first solo album Straight Jacket. Both the public and the music industry responded favorably; the album spent an extraordinary 224 weeks on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart and won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. The album, which featured the hits “Maybe,” “White Flag,” and Digging For Gold,” is still Gaines’ biggest-selling album to date. Tragedy struck again when Gaines’ father died on November 15, 1990, after his long battle with cancer.
Almost a year to the day later, Gaines released his second album, Fornucopia. Even though it was a very dark and angry album, it debuted at #1 and spent a combined 18 weeks on top of the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart. The album included the soulful remake of the 1972 Ramsey Sellers classic, “It Don’t Matter to the Sun,” and the instant classic, “Main Street.” On February 16, 1992, Gaines was involved in a violent single-car crash that nearly ended his life. He spent six weeks in the hospital and over two years undergoing extensive plastic surgery on his face, shoulder and hands. Although he would not allow himself to be seen or photographed during that time, Gaines released his third album, Apostle, in the autumn of 1994. Without any artist promotion, the album still managed to spend a combined 8 weeks atop the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, and featured the singles “Way of the Girl” and “Unsigned Letter.” Finally, in the winter of 1996, Gaines re-emerged into public view for the first time to promote the release of his fourth album, Triangle. Gaines was dubbed “The New Prince” by the media because of his new look and the fact that his music showed a move towards R&B – a distinct change in musical style from his past. “Driftin’ Away,” “That’s the Way I Remember It,” and “Snow in July” are the featured hits on the album. In 1999, Gaines released his his first greatest-hits compilation, which included two new songs, “Lost In You” and “Right Now.”
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