Choosing The Best Halloween Costumes

.tags Halloween is considered by many to be the best holiday of the year! Adults and children alike eagerly look forward to Halloween not only for the candy but for the sheer fun of being scared! And of course part of the fun is making sure you’ve got one of the best Halloween costumes around.

Children’s costumes have been a concern, however, the parents for decades. Between ill fitting costumes that can be tripped over and others made of flammable materials, parents have needed to pay close attention to what their children choose when shopping for Halloween costumes.

Some others have a talent for sewing and not only love to make their children’s Halloween costumes but those of others as well. If you have one of these do-it-yourself moms in the neighborhood, you might want to become her best friend and have her help design and make costumes for your own children. Not only do these beat anything from your local mass merchandiser, but you love to help actually design what they plan on wearing.

For adults things are different. Either the adult role grab a couple of items from a closet, use some props, lots of makeup, in order to create a look, or if they are going to a large party or special function, your best bet might be to find one of those seasonal stores that specialize in all sorts of Halloween merchandise and of course costumes. These are usually found in local shopping malls or even stand-alone buildings.

Children’s Halloween costumes tend to focus on new action figures or movie characters of the past year. This is one reason that not every child is anxious to wear a possible hand-me-down costume or even wear one that he has already worn previously. Although some of the standard costumes don’t seem to vary from year to year, there will always be the typical standbys such as Superman, Dracula, Frankenstein, ghosts and goblins, or even pirates.

Depending on your child’s goal, you may be able to whip up the perfect costume with a few ordinary household items and some makeup. For instance, there’s nothing better than a white sheet if your toddler wants to become a ghost. For anyone looking for the perfect Dracula lock, a black cape can be substituted with a black bath towel and fake teeth from the local drugstore.

For our real professional look, you can even buy special makeup kits to achieve very particular looks. For instance a Dracula kit would include fangs, some fake blood, white foundation for the face, and maybe even a wig.

If a professional elaborate type of costume is what you’re looking for, such as something along the lines of Marie Antoinette or a Viking king, your best bet would be to try a costume shop. Many of these have excellent websites with pictures of every available costume. You can reserve yours online… Something you should consider as quickly as possible once you know you’re interested in a particular style.