Choosing The Best Blanket For Your Travel

{flickr|100|campaign} Traveling may be essential, either for pleasure or work, but not all of us love flying especially when you consider the security lines, drafty air cabins, crying babies, rude flight attendants and gruesome airport delays. Having a travel blanket really adds a measure of comfort to your flight.

If you need a blanket mostly in place of an airline blanket, there is a choice from reasonably priced, good quality fleece blankets to the mid range propriety fabric blankets and styles, up to the luxury range such as a silk or cashmere blankets. And if you also need the blanket to double up as a rug or throw at your destination for extra warmth, most will do the job just fine.

If you want a blanket for the car, boat or RV, then maybe you should get a heated electric travel blanket. Keeping one or more as part of your emergency kit in your car is also great for whenever you might need an rug for an impromptu picnic, concert or as a stadium rug.

If you are getting a travel blanket anyway, it might make more sense to get a travel pillow and blanket set! The price difference is minimal, so you get to spend the same money and get a matching set of accessories.

You would think with all the added stress you have to go through when traveling, that by the time you got to your seat that you could just lower your seat and relax. But then the cabin is too chilly and when you ask for an airline blanket there is none available or you have to rent it.

Now you might ignore the cost of renting, just to keep away the chill. But do take this into consideration, renting an airplane blanket just twice will put you out for the same money as buying a reasonable quality new fleece travel blanket, and that is not taking into consideration the much better quality of a purchased travel blanket.

And to add to that, their blankets are not even subject to basic hygiene, some blankets sent for testing have been discovered to have everything from mucus, teardrops, and lipstick to bodily fluids that I will allow you to imagine on your own. Given this would you really like to use the airline blanket offered anyway? It is better to spend the money on a blanket that you bring with you and is yours and only yours. That way you know where it has been and if anything has been spilled on it.

No matter what your needs there is a travel blanket or accessory for you. Search the web for the exact items you want.