Choose Mountain Holidays


People who are passionate about trekking and walking should try mountain holidays in Bulgaria. These holidays are by far the most exhilarating, inspiring, and exciting way to experience nature and its breathtaking forms. A mountain walking vacation in a country like Bulgaria is an inviting change from the everyday stress-filled life of noisy cities.

Activities on Offer

Mountain holidays offer adventure, beauty, and a getaway from the frantic routine of the daily life. You can enjoy fresh air and amazing scenery, with the activities suited to your individual taste. You can easily plan these holidays as per your needs.

The tourist can choose from a leisurely relaxed vacation to adventure-filled activities like kayaking, biking, fishing, and mountain climbing. They can choose distant hikes, easy strolls, and local walks. No matter what the activity, this is sure that the adventurer will not regret the view. The exquisite flora and fauna are nothing less than breathtaking.


Booking a holiday such as this with a popular accommodation provider will be a very thrilling and rewarding experience. This will be full of pleasures that only a vacation in the Bulgarian mountains can bring. The tourists are offered extremely comfortable lodging with all modern facilities, cozy beds, well-equipped bathrooms, kitchen, and a very spacious living space. The views of the mountains from every window will be breathtaking.

The lodging, activities, and food are friendly to the environment. Basically, you will experience the gratification of simple living in the mountains.

The Mountains

The mountain holidays in Bulgaria are nothing less that an adventure for all the senses. There are awe-inspiring Rhodope Mountain hikes with rich animal and plant life. Apart from this, there are captivating waterfalls, streams, lakes, and a scenic splendor you will not witness anywhere else in the world.

Tourists can take a trip to the peak Perelik or Pamporovo. There are also several ancient fortresses, herbs, rare plants, trees, and classes of amphibians, reptiles, and mammals to be seen. You can indulge in enjoying awe-inspiring views of the caves, gorges, and natural paradises. The scenery is nothing less than what we read in fairy tales with magical villages hidden inside the mountains.

Walking Tours

The tours can be customized as per the needs of the tourists. The adventurer can go in for walking tours that allow exploring the tracks which intertwine in and out of the forests. He or she may also take a simple stroll or a very rigorous trek. Walks normally consume the whole day if one chooses to walk to the head to river Arda or the Devil’s Bridge. The tours are customized to suit every traveler’s needs.

People can choose independent mountain holidays with individual lodging and explore the trails alone. The tourists are allowed to explore any kind of region they like and are given directions and maps.

There are several places to explore. The traveler can see the Thracian City of Perperikon which is an olden archaeological wonder, river Arda, and the Devil’s Bridge. Mountain holidays are definitely the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure, and enjoyment. These mountains offer the much needed break from the tension and stress of everyday life.